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Auditions Toolkit

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Dear Worship Leader,

There are usually a few knee-jerk reactions that come to mind with the word auditions.

Pressure. Performance. Nerves. Disappointment.

No matter how big or small your church may be, I recommend getting an audition process in place. I get the hesitancy. Many look at auditions as a negative thing. I’ve heard it argued that auditions bring about a performance mentality that will hinder pure worship. I’ve also heard some go as far as to say that auditions are a “secular” way of thinking and shouldn’t be in the church.


These statements are sincere but flawed. Shouldn’t we, as believers, want to give our best to the Lord in absolutely everything we do? Shouldn’t we put an incredible value on what we’re placing in front of our congregations? Shouldn’t we want our worship to be the most beautiful life-giving water for the thirsty hearts that come into church each week?

God loves the off-key singer or musician. He also loves when the congregation can engage together in unity without being distracted, which can be hard to do when you have an off-pitch singer or a drummer who can’t keep time.

Having an audition process helps keep a standard of excellence in our public, corporate, unified worship times.

I look forward to seeing you inside!