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6 Video Trainings

I will talk you through every step of an audition including all the pre, during, and post audition work. 

Vision and Values Nights Training

Even if someone can sing or play incredibly, you don't want to just throw them onto your team. I will walk you through the details of how to setup what I like to call Vision and Values Nights. 

19 Page Guide

Reference to your direct question or just start at the beginning and breeze through step-by-step. 

Printable Sheets

Literally every single thing you need to begin having team auditions is included in this course including grading sheets, templates of emails to send to people who fail, pass, and more. 

Are auditions really necessary?

1. Auditions will save you a ton of time. 

By having a clearly defined way for people to enter into your team, you will end up saving yourself a ton of time. Instead of having to schedule a time to meet with people individually, hear them sing, give feedback, make the decision and then pastor their response, the audition process is there for you to direct people to and to help with the entire process, including pastoring on the backend if someone doesn’t get approved. It also brings your team into the mix to help and support you throughout the process.

2. Auditions automatically set a standard of excellence.

Before someone is ever on the team, they’re aware that there is a certain level of excellence that’s needed in order to be a part. This removes the ambiguity of what it takes to be a part of the team. The standard of excellence and expectation is clearly set at the audition.

3. Auditions give a clear road map to encourage people to grow.

If someone doesn’t pass an audition, the process is already set up to begin encouraging that person to go out and get trained and then come back to audition again.

4. Auditions help you better steward your team.

Having auditions shows people that you genuinely respect and care enough about your craft that you’re going to hold the line on requiring a certain level of excellence in order to be a part of it. This will inspire people to better steward their craft.

5. Auditions challenge your current team to grow.

An established audition process puts healthy pressure on the people who are already on your team to always be growing in their craft. They never know who’s going to walk into an audition that just might be more skilled. The goal is not to create anxiety for those on your team, but to encourage them to continue to grow and develop in skills and excellence.



God loves the off-key singer or musician. He also loves when the congregation can engage together in unity without being distracted.

Meet Your Instructor

I'm Justin Rizzo. I'm a worship leader, songwriter, blogger, composer, and recording artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. I've led worship for 23 years and have logged over 10,000 hours of leading with a team. I led the weekly auditions at my church for years and had the privilege of hearing hundreds of singers and musicians audition to be a part of our worship department. We approved a lot of people, but we didn’t approve everyone. I've taken the entirety of what I've learned about auditions and visions and values nights and packed it all into this toolkit. I hope it's encouraging to you!


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  • 6 video trainings.
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Buy the tool kit.

Follow the directions.

Have a better worship team.